Daniel has been a registered chiropractor in BC since 2015. Aiming to provide long term answers instead of short term band aids, he is especially passionate about shoulder and low back issues, as these were his main obstacles in sport and daily life. As a generality, his treatment style may incorporate a collection of soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations and manipulations, taping, as well as active (p)rehab and lifestyle suggestions.

While a chiropractor may not be thought of for issues beyond the spine, Daniel really enjoys working with the belief that there is interconnection of the whole body. Some examples of cases he’s worked with include frozen shoulder, shoulder dislocations, post-surgical recovery of knee ligament damage as well as knee replacements. If you’re questioning whether your issue is something that fits his scope of practice, please feel free to contact him (on the front page).

He completed chiropractic school in Portland, Oregon (at the University of Western States), and concurrently completed a Masters of Science in sport and exercise science. Prior to this, he completed his Bachelor in Life Sciences at the University of British Columbia, as well as participating on their varsity volleyball team.

The team atmosphere is what really drew him to join with Lift Clinic. By working in tandem with like-minded practitioners, patients will benefit from the shared knowledge while helping to stimulate new learning experiences for himself.

His list of personal injury experience doesn’t include anything too severe, but it is quite extensive. Many of them were also preventable and completely his own fault.

  • Ankle sprains (>10 per side)
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Calf tear
  • Hamstring tear
  • Torn finger tendons
  • Lumbar disc bulge (symptomatic)
  • Various strains and sprains around the shoulder and ribs

In spite of this, Daniel has managed to maintain a vertical jump greater than his age (for now). He enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, golf, and basketball on the rare occasion. He is also a bit of a budding outdoors enthusiast, exploring the vast number of trails in the lower mainland and taking up snowboarding recently.